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Tirnavia wanted to be admired for the achieved quality and to “measure the powers” with other mature choirs also in home environment, therefore with the cooperation of The Culture House in Trnava it organized a festival of choir singing directly in Trnava.

Date: 16-17th June 1989

  • Mladiski pevski zbor Maribor
  • Hlahol Nymburk
  • Vysokoškolský pěvecký sbor Ostrava
  • Zbor konzervatória Pardubice
  • Mladosť B.Bystrica
  • Technik Bratislava
  • Lúčnica Bratislava
  • Bradlan
  • Cantica nova
  • Tirnavia

The weather was extremely good. Moreover, the singing of the choirs resounded in the festive parade to the lovely smiling day. The choirs were tempting one another to better singing performance and some singers were dancing nearly the whole way.