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We were able to get sympathy of an audience, to make friends with colleagues from other choirs and to have many experiences on all the concerts in the following period.

Humenne (Slovakia), Vranov nad Toplou, Prievidza, Turcianske Teplice (Slovak towns)

Attention! Competition. There is a member (! HE) of the choir behind one of the fans. The winner wins. Look for him hard, he is really there. Don't believe? Neither do we.  Mystery (158kb)

There was always fun in the choir on the tours. For example on a long journey to Humenne we started to dance and on a parking place during a break it looked like a bus was dancing with us. It leant nearly half a meter on one side or the other. Good mood was catching and so even our “courteous” driver (cameraman, photographer, recorder, chef, barman and at last but not the least a nice fellow) Milan Halaska was not angry that he was jumping on a chair as if he was traveling on a field road. In Humenne our “courteous” imitator nearly created panic among inhabitants when he started to really truly imitate the Czech president Havel who acted as if he wanted to organize a meeting and greet people in Humenne. Or in Trencianske Teplice (Slovakia) we were completely fed up with some of the carols, when we endlessly repeated them with an every time different probationer for a conductor. We namely acted as a trainee choir under cover of training for amateur conductors. At least the food was good, although we missed the first dinner, so we were given a big pot of sirloin and a big dish with dumplings. Nevertheless, they forgot cutlery. Well, what can be said, weaker stomachs fell off earlier, but at last we managed to clean the whole pot with the dumplings.