To be in Tirnavia means not only to take, but also mainly to give.

Tirnavia – it’s a rainbow of people.

Tirnavia is for ears like a letter soup for stomach.

Till the last choir assembly I still had a chance to diversify myself from the influence of this drug, but as soon as I was slammed with a ladle on my ass, I was lost forever.

We are flying with a speed, which doesn’t allow tailing away. We are proud of our power above the material and life. We want to control the Universe and suddenly – we don’t know how to control ourselves. We can’t reach something, we miss something. Maybe something small would be enough – smile, friendship, confidence, honesty, joy… Not greed, rotten things, hatred, victory of ego and a vision of wealth. Common idea, common enthusiasm, common goal, common achievement, common joy. Simply for beauty, for smile on one’s face, for sun in one’s soul. So that a man doesn’t forget to feel… Thanks Tirnavia I can know world and people from that better side. I think that they are “armed” with music that modifies them and fill them. I wish we never forgot… G.G.

I attend Tirnavia because I can learn many new jokes there. You can write that there…

I very much appreciate that when it comes to the worst we all are able to mobilize all our powers and perform a perfect performance. (It would be ideal and wonderful if it were always like that.) In those 10 years I had that wonderful feeling many times. In Trnava during Christmas concerts it is common that people are applauding while standing, but when we managed for the first time to stand up the audience on an abroad tour in Barcelona in Spain in 1994 by our singing, I was really sure that we ARE good. And our first CD, which I really love, confirmed this feeling as well. I like the choir very much and besides family it is the only thing I have. What is “slipper culture” for on Friday evening, when I can spend this time with people who like the same thing like me? I am sure that the time spent in Tirnavia can’t be compensated by anything else. It is a part of a lovely spent free time in my life. But it can be hardly understood by someone who is not as enthusiastic as I am. Or am I wrong? K.M.