Prime Minister of Slovak Republic

Bratislava, 18th August 2003

Dear Mr Rapant,

Thank you for your interesting information about plans for a project of recording a CD “Slovak Choir Production of 20th Century”.

The culture of our country belongs to values, which we need to use and maintain. Choir singing in Slovakia has its tradition and belongs up to this day to our so-called prominent export articles.
The government of Slovak Republic considers protection and development of cultural inheritance, encouragement of present artistic displays, as well as development of culture in general as an important investment to moral, spiritual and economic development of the society. Your project is completely in harmony with the aims of the government of Slovak Republic in the area of culture and its presentation.
I wish you good luck and I hope that the project of recording Slovak choir production will be successful.

With regards,

Mikulas Dzurinda (Prime Minister of SR)

Minister of Culture of Slovak Republic

Bratislava, 18th August 2003

An important place in the Slovak national production of amateur choirs belongs to a mixed choir Tirnavia from Trnava.

To present itself the mentioned choir takes successful part in domestic as well as foreign competitions and festivals, which is proved by many awards from those undertakings.

In time of its activity the mixed choir Tirnavia was and is a dignified and successful representative of Slovak Republic at home as well as abroad.
This important cultural step deserves special attention, because thanks to presentation of Slovak art values it contributes to propagation of cultural and spiritual heritage of Slovak nation.

Rudolf Chmel

The Mayor of city Trnava
Trnava, March 13, 2003
The mixed choir Tirnavia belongs among the best mixed amateur choirs in Slovakia. It regularly takes part in international competitions and festivals and it is a holder of many awards.

The choir regularly performs for the town Trnava and successfully represents the town as well as the whole Slovak republic on its tours abroad.

Let me express my hopes that by your contribution you also support choir's activities and functions, by which they, on the other hand, contribute to our cultural and spiritual growth.

Sincerely yours

Ing. Stefan Bosnak

The Mayor of city Trnava

Trnava, October 30, 1998


Dear friends,

It’s not such a long time since the end of the last sounds of the 10th year of Trnava’s Choir Days, when we commemorate another 10th anniversary, this time the anniversary of the mixed choir Tirnavia. Its qualities are indicated also by the victory in a category of cathedral music on our last, already mentioned, festival.

It is good that we can commend ourselves by the existence of such a body that represents us outside our town as well as abroad.
I would like to thank Tirnavia for its achievements and I wish its members good luck and joy from singing.

Stefan Bosnak, The Mayor of Trnava