PaedDr. Gabriel Kalapoš


During his studies he started to sing in a choir body of CANTICA NOVA. He studied subjects as Russian language, Music and Esthetics at The Pedagogical Faculty of Commenius University in Trnava, Slovakia, and later on in 1983 with more practice he started to teach at The Grammar School of J. Holly in Trnava.
Conductor (78kb)
At the same time he took over the conductor “chair” of a youth choir CANTICA NOVA. He spent his obligatory military service in the Military artistic choir of Vit Nejedly in Prague as a member of the choir and an assistant of the conductor. In 1987 he became a member of a Slovak Musical Association and one year later motivated by the singing-liking members of Cantica Nova, who wanted to continue in choir singing, he created a mixed choir TIRNAVIA. In 1989 he was awarded The Best Conductor on the International Festival of V. F. Bystry in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. He is a founder and an artistic director of an International Festival of Choirs “Trnava’s Choir Days”. He is also a member of an Advisory Committee of Conductors belonging to a National Edifying Center in Bratislava, Slovakia, a chairman and chief-conductor of a Civic Association “Trnava’s Town Choirs” and a chairman of a Section of Adult Choirs in Association with the Choirs in Slovakia.