What does Tirnavia mean to you?

At the moment very much ..................great responsibility and great challenge. A.R.

Only by joint work and by the fact that we swing together we can manage to create new values.

Tirnavia means a lot of brilliant people.

It is a double acquisition, I mean, for everybody who is a member of Tirnavia.

We are growing aesthetically as well as human.

Those are two great significances. However, the human part is crucial. I believe that we all have the same aims: to feel well together and to to be able to bring joy, smile on one's face and deep spiritual experience to people who are going to listen to us. A.R.

Tirnavia is recommended by 4 from 5 choir singers in the world.

Tirnavia is just like a Christmas coke, it’s always something more than usual. If Tirnavia didn’t exist, I would go to sleep earlier, I would have more time for myself, for school… but where would I be without Tirnavia, without friends, without coke? G.M.

Tirnavia is recommended by 4 from 5 ear-nasal-cervical-neuro-uro-gyneaco… doctors.

Tirnavia, it means people. People who are walking different roads of life. People having their hobbies, their friends, their job, their world. But one hobby is the same for all of us. Singing. That is why our worlds are intersected and this intersection is called in a worldwide literature simply – TIRNAVIA. However this set is dynamic. Physical movement can be seen when new members are coming, eventually when old members are leaving. Spiritual movement consists in development of characters of people belonging to the set TIRNAVIA. But anyhow we are people. Everybody has his/her opinions, feelings, everybody has his/her soul. Sometimes it’s full, sometimes maybe empty. Well then, that’s all. So read what we think of ourselves. JA