For me to sing in Tirnavia means a return of a thirsty man to a spring. It’s wonderful to belong among people that are bound by love to choir singing and music. It’s wonderful to meet friends, to stand after many hours of preparation on a stage, to let one’s soul sing in a song, and then to catch one note of applause and achievement. I like that strange feeling – the lights are switched off and it’s like the world was stopped for a short fragment of time, when the conductor lifts his hands. Tirnavia is that lucky that it’s being led by an admirable man the whole 10 years, the excellent conductor Dr. Gabriel Kalapos. Precise gestures, musical certainty, friendly heart and understanding make him the exceptional conductor. M.K.

Tirnavia = Gabo + ourselves

I don’t understand who gave him his nickname “golden” Gabo, in my opinion no metal is like Gabo.

I love you all.

“Friendship is in its own way a very good thing”, Charles Dickens said. I think that this affirmation needs some small repair. In my opinion friendship is the best thing, which a man can have. One, who has friends, has everything. I have everything – thanks Tirnavia. I have found many good and valuable folks there. I can open myself in Tirnavia; it’s relax for me as well as fun. When I came to Tirnavia 3 years ago, I was afraid. Today this choir is nearly a second family for me, where I enjoy coming. For I know that I can find friends there, among whom I have my place. Thank you, Tirnavia. J.K.

It’s a super choir, it’s super gang, and everything is super. (We have 95octans)

Love to art and a generous heart. These are the pillars that Tirnavia is built on. They are strong enough after 10 years of choir existence; they are able to resist winds and storms of life. Bless God that they are getting stronger and are filling and mellowing the world with singing. I.M.