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Our second abroad tour aimed to Barcelona where we took part in a singing workshop – a choir festival. Its peak was reached by a joint interpretation of rehearsed compositions in a Barcelona Cathedral of Santa Maria. To make our journey more fanciful, we have stopped in German Duisburg and took part in traditional town celebrations.

XXIX. Jornades Internacionals de Cant in Barcelona, Spain
Participants: Mixed Choirs from Spain, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
Conductor: Alberto Grau, Venezuela
Spain (86kb)

This tour expressed the end of one era of Tirnavia, eventually the beginning of another one. Up to then way of work and artistic orientation stopped satisfying some of the choir members, therefore they decided to leave the choir and create a new one, according to their ideas. Even though it was a loss for Tirnavia at that time, it didn’t give up, just on the contrary, it joined even more and continued in singing and artistic growth furthermore.

Paradise... (210kb)