October, 2000, St Jacob’s Church, Trnava, Slovakia



It was supposed to be a novelty in our choir life, a conjoint project of Messiah by Handle with an orchestra and solo singers from an opera. For Messiah being a really wonderful music, the project preparation was a great motivation not only for our conductor, who was supposed to be standing in front of the singers as well as the orchestra. Our rehearsing went quite smoothly, so small problems like chasing help for the concert, so that we could achieve the required choir sound robustness, are covered with dust already (well, why am I mentioning it then???). The history is not looking at the process, but the result…well I think I don’t need to say anything more. I have listened to a live CD record from the concert with closed eyes and I relished with pleasant goose bumps that wonderful experience again and finally I realised with amazement – yes, I really took part in all this…