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One of the changes of after revolution times was the fact that culture got into background and there were much more important things which had to be solved – economical questions. Most of amateur choirs stopped existing, because they were not able to find enough financial means and resources for their existence. Tirnavia was dealing with these problems as well. The Cultural House in Trnava ended up a contract about establishing of the choir, but we were successful to find solution from a side of a Town Cultural Department. After a downfall of this institution in September 1990, the choir finally found sympathy and grant of Town Magistracy in Trnava. During the following 2 years Tirnavia performed several concerts mainly of regional character. The “engine” for overcoming the problems at that time was a fancy to sing and to continue in achievements like before. Therefore it was possible to organize (under cover of a 3rd year of the Trnava’s Choir Days) Slovak national competition of adult choirs of B-category, where Tirnavia was successful again and won a main prize and advanced to A-category.

15-17th November 1991 – Slovak national competition of adult choirs and 3rd year of Trnava’s Choir Days