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Main events, which determined a life of the choir at the end of the year 1989, were “velvet” revolution meetings and regional categorization. It was difficult to practice peaceful renaissance, when we could hear megaphones from outside, keys were rattling and the revolution was boiling. However, in spite of that we were successful on regional categorization and we achieved a 1st band and B-category.

Trencin (Slovakia) 1st-3rd December 1989 – Regional categorization, 1st band and B-category

Foolishness of a revolution era could also be seen during concerts of choirs and our conductor led a hymnal composition “Hoj vlast moja” (a song about our country which was very popular at the time of revolution in 1989), which was sang by all the other choirs as well. I remember that we didn’t hurry from Trencin, because a celebration of a triumph in ARMA (place in Trencin) was intensive. In that time massively sponsored prices for soldiers meant for example only 2 Czechoslovak crowns for a cup of coffee (which was very cheap) or only 5 Czechoslovak crowns for Becherovka (very popular herb liqueur with bitter taste) – well, what can be said, “an opportunity makes a thief”… and so we went on. As we were a new choir we had to build up our image as well as the classification in choir singing. So we made it. We sequentially gained C, B and finally A-category in choir singing.